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Combines program, people, and company data with expert intelligence and insight for complete coverage of the global A&D market.
This unsurpassed tactical planning tool for commercial aftermarket professionals contains the latest data and intelligence needed to monitor the market and locate new business, including contract details.
Sector Specific Market Briefings concisely provide insight and intelligence on the vital developments affecting business growth across various market sectors:
  • Scheduled Operators
  • Defense, Space & Security
  • Business Aviation
Provides unsurpassed coverage of the supply chain industry, including aircraft orders & transactions, mergers and acquisitions, supplier news, product developments, airline news, and more.

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Fleet Discovery With data points and aircraft across the commercial, business aviation and military markets, Fleet Discovery is the trusted resource that provides the accurate, in-depth aircraft insight you need to generate revenue.
Fleet Discovery contains over 120 data points on more than 215,000 commercial and business aviation aircraft and provides complete aircraft history, including seating and utilization histories, and current technical specifications for aircraft at the serial number. 
Fleet Discovery Military, comprised of approximately 70,000 aircraft and 110,000 engines in service from more than 400 military operators, includes all military aircraft - piloted and unpiloted, fixed wing and rotary.
10 year forecasts – comprised of the industry’s most reliable data – enable decision makers to enhance their strategic planning and discover new business opportunities to maximize revenue generation.
  • Commercial: comprised of western-built aircraft with more than 35 seats, including turbo-props
  • Military: comprised of aircraft from more than 120 OEM’s for western-designed, piloted military aircraft
  • Business Aviation: comprised of western-built turbo-prop and jet powered business aircraft
  • Helicopter: comprised of western-built, turbine-powered rotorcraft whose origin or current use is for civil purposes