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Aviation Week is the largest multimedia information and services provider to the global aviation, aerospace and defense industries. Do you have access to these award-winning industry products?

The Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) combines program, people, and company data with expert intelligence and insight to provide complete coverage of the global aerospace and defense market. Get a free personalized demo
AWIN MRO Prospector contains in-depth commercial fleet data, the latest contract details, a wealth of valuable data as well as the latest maintenance, repair and overhaul news. Get a free personalized demo
AWIN Market Briefings provide concise global news, insight and data in three unique industry segments. Aviation Daily for scheduled airlines. Aerospace Daily and Defense Report on defense programs and The Weekly of Business Aviation on business aviation.
Fleet and MRO Forecasts provide comprehensive data which offer insight into future MRO and fleet growth opportunities in the commercial airlines, military, business aviation and helicopter market segments. More information
Aviation Week & Space Technology  is the only publication with first to-market content and delivers forward-looking technological, business and operational insight across all A&D sectors. Subscribe Current print subscribers: to customer service at Hallmark avwcustserv@halldata.com and 1-800-525-5003 (in the U.S.)+1-847-763-9147 (outside the U.S.)